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    Weight training on gear

    For maximum results how many times a week should each muscle group be hit while on gear? Is there parts of the cycle that should be more intense or of longer duaration?

    All info greatly appreciated.

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    My guess on that would be . . . it depends . . .
    Whether or not you're on a cycle, you're best gains will come from doing as challenging a workout as you can manage WITHOUT overtraining. That varies between individuals. I would imagine that Juice will enable you to work a little harder and a little more often. How much more, again, will probably depend on your individual biochemistry. So . . . to get a definitive answer to your question, I think you're going to have to experiment and see. I don't know that there's a set formula that says
    Workout Days + 1gm Test/wk = Workout Days/2
    or anything like that.
    Trial and error . . .

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    I would not train a body part more that twice a week - unless you are a beginner. In that case, you would not be ready for gear. I train every body part once a week. Do some research on splits, and find one that works for you. It is a bit of trial and error. Intensity should always be high. You are just able to do more with that intensity when cycling.

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    ok..this is just from my experiences...I train 2 time a week on one muscle. One time directly and the other indirectly.

    EX. Back and legs are done on tuesdays, and the Biceps on thursdays. I hit the biceps twice. Like it was said earlier, if you are a beginner, I would only do it once a week and I would make my work outs at the beginning just the basics.

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