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    Running on treadmill for boxing

    Is running on the treadmill anywhere near as good as running out side? The cold weather is starting to come and I was wondering if you could supplement boxing/sparring with running on the treadmill for 5 days a week. I will also be running sprints 2 days a week in a basketball gym.

    But my question is is running on a treadmill a waste of time. Is running outside THAT much better?

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    IMO........ running is running , you`ll get the payoff either place you do it ...... i myself like the threadmill better. I put the T.V. on and the minutes just fly by.... plus i like to set the incline up, and i think it would be hard to find a place outside that is all up-hill,.. you know?...... but once again to answer your question....... i think you can get great results on a treadmill indoors.

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    I'd have to agree with Murph on this one. There was a girl here at work that preped for a marathon (never ever ran one in her life) all on a threadmill, never once ran outside until the actual day. Did pretty good for her first time out as well.

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