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    I heard that some pro's will take 4-6 weeks off during the year to totally just veg out and eat whatever they want....

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    how long can one go without working out?

    got some major things going on in my life right now and absolutely have to put eating and weight lifting aside for a week or two. How long can someone go off their schedule without having to go through major efforts to rebuild what you lose, or will I not lose any in two weeks except body weight?

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    I think a week would be fine depending how long you have been working out since your last break.....two weeks for me would be a lil too long....but try to do some push ups and sit ups during your time off.

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    It really all depends on your genetics, Its been said that Cormier has the best genetics for these reasons. I beleive after one Olympia he had competed in, he basically took a break off from everything and didn't start back training until 3 months before the next olympia. He got 3rd that Olympia and only lost 5lbs of muscle for that year.

    As for me, if I've been training very hard and consistently I will take a week off every 8-12 weeks or so. A week off tends to be the right amount of time for me, more than that and I feel it hinders me.

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    I have read that after about 10 days u can start to lose muscle if not working out.

    For me I only take days at the time normally around would become more mental(more than anything) if I took more than that.

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    Interesting I would like to hear some answers backed by research on this one, that is a question that I have always wondered. I feel like shit if I miss one workout and feel that is the only downfall to being in season is that I have to cut back on the amount of time I get to workout. I would guess around 7 days give or take. Anyone?

    Whatcha gonna do..........

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    mine is more strength loss than muscle mass with time off

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    After a week I can see a decline in strength, after a bit more I can see a decline in my "pump"...I begin to look flat.

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    For me it would be about a week at the most...I can't stand not being able to lift, it's terrible. Everytime I ask to go to the gym my mom is like "Are you having iron-withdrawal?" . The longest I haven't got to lift was almost two weeks, I had a bad cold.

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