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Thread: Wrist Wraps.

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    Wrist Wraps.

    I've been lurking here for quite some time now.

    I am beginning to do heavy weights with dead lifts. I am using wrist wraps help me but they sorta dig into my wrist and leave a darken band around my wrist.

    Has this happened to anyone else???

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    I asume you mean wrist straps, not wraps. When you use these, most people have the tendency to let the strap hold all the weight, thus transfering the weight to your wrists. Try not relying on the straps until you can't hold the weight any more, but still ahve a few more reps left. By keeping the weight off your wrists longer, there will be less digging in on your wrists.


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    speaking of wrist wraps, I was thinking about getting some gloves, but find the ones with the built in wraps too bulky and unnecesary on some days. Could I get gloves just to protect my hands and better my grip and then add a wrist wrap?

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