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    Good Workout Regimen??

    Wut do you guys think of my work out regimen I have. I NEVER TO THE SAME EXERCISES MORE THAN 2 WEEKS (I ALWAYS SWITCH THEM UP)! Is this good or bad? I am currently on gear, as seen below. I always go 4 sets on heavy exercises such as presses, deadlifts, shrugs, legs, and the first exercise of each muscle group! I use the pyramid of 10-8-6-4 with increasing weight each set.

    Monday: Chest-Press (Flat or Inc -dumbell or barbell)
    Press (Inc or Flat -dumbell or barbell)
    Flye (Inc or Flat)
    Overhead press or Cable Crossover or Pec Deck
    Finish off with Pushups

    Tuesday: Back-Deadlifts
    Pulldowns or Rows (varying grips)
    Single Arm Rows
    Flyes for back (chest on legs...almost like side laterals)
    T-bar rows

    Wednesday: Legs-Smith Machine Squats
    Leg Presses (very heavy)
    Leg extensions
    Leg Curls
    Calf raises (seated or standing or using leg press machine)

    Thursday: Shoulders (most of the time I start with the weakest part of my shoulder Side Delts or Rear Delts)
    -Side Laterals (cable or dumbell with varying movements)
    Rear delt raises (dumbell or Cable or cable high pull back)
    Front Presses (dumbell or barbell)
    Super set fronts with sides or rears

    Friday: Bi's Tri's-preacher curls, barbell curls or heavy dumbell
    Alt dumbell curls (seated incline or standing)
    Hammer curls (oval bar or dumbell)
    cable curls with flat, rope, or preacher style piece
    cable curls towards head
    skull crusher or close grip bench
    kickbacks (heavy)
    overhead tri extension
    rope, upside down V, or flat piece pulldowns
    close grip pushups


    Let me know what you guys think! Any comments greatly appreciated!

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    cmon guys give me some comments here!!!!! help a brotha out

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