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    skinny fat guy here...

    Hi guys, I'm 5'11" and 165lbs (i know, start laughing now).
    But, I have developed a spare tire (pretty bad).

    I checked my bodyfat with one of those tantita (sorry about the sp??) scales. Not sure how accurate they are but it read 18%. (if you have info on how accurate they are, please let me know). I figure I can at least measure if its going down this way, even if the actual number isn't accurate.

    Anyway, I am on a great diet now and very strict with it. Eat mostly chicken, only drink water, some brocoli. Salmon and other fist. That is about it.

    I want to get big but I decided I need to lose this bodyfat before I can work on getting some size. So I've been running on the treadmill. But now I'm hearing that to lose fat, I should be keeping my heartrate at 125 (BPM) (I'm 27).
    The weird thing is when I walk up to the machine, I'm already at like 110 BPM.
    So I have to basically walk to keep the rate at 125. Is this correct? Is it actually worse if I'm running and my heart is at like 160 BMP?
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    putting muscle on also helps burn fat too; more muscle means enhanced metabolism; i've got several girls working a program like that... they run an ECA stack, protein, and do heavy weight training... and they burn off a lot of fat and look GREAT from the muscle size increase

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    i'd say screw it and just start bulking up right now... dont even worry about the fat loss, once you hit a point where you've gained suffiecient size in your mind, start a killer cutter diet such as ckd and it'll melt off

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    There are scales that tell you your target heart rate. If you exceed your target heart rate then You stop burning fat and your body will go catabolic.

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    Yeah. Go to target or any sports shop and they sell cheap ones for like 20 bucks.

    My friend is the skinny fat guy. Has a skinny frame but a big gut. Kinda funny. Too much beer and tv.

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