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    Couple mixed questions with workouts

    Ok here is some info on me

    20 years old

    been working out probably lifting for about 7 years but I would say the first 2-3 I was learning what to do so basically the last 4 Ive been doing things "smarter"

    I pretty much follow the workout that is on the main page with doing the one day on and one day off period
    the days off I do cardio cause I want to cut down and eventually have a six pack

    Besides creatine and glutamine and multi vitamins what are some things I should take post work outs?

    I take all those post weight workouts but the cardio days I subtract the creatine from it.

    I would like to be about 170 lean with a 6 pack

    I know abs are just like a regular muscle so where should I fit them in and should I do them only once a week as well?

    is there certain exercises or a certain way to lift where I can gain more strength without mass? I rather remain the size I am or slightly smaller but have more strength then I look.

    for the cardio everyweek I run between 2-5.5 miles but I really want to get cut, my girlfriend loves 6 packs and arms, and I pretty much have good arms but Ive always wanted a 6 pack and knowing that she likes it is an added insentive(sp?) to get it

    thanks alot guy


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    after workout take a protein shake as well as what you are taking. i workout abs twice a week, but not everyday. do higher reps for the strength without the mass.

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