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    2x a day routine

    Hey guys, I'm starting a winter bulker in a few weeks. I've found time to workout twice a day so I'm thinking about a split like this. Each workout will be 15 sets rep range from 6-10. Think this looks good or over training... Note: I will be using anabolics.

    Sunday - Off

    AM - Bis
    PM - Chest

    AM - Calves/Forearms
    PM - Hammies/ Lowerback

    AM - Delts
    PM - Off

    AM - Abs
    PM - Back

    AM - Tris
    PM - Quads

    AM - Traps
    PM - Off

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    I am going to assume you are not a morning guy.
    I trained two-a-days on a similar schedule but kept the major group in the a.m.
    Came back in the afternoon or evening to "clean up". My routine was as follows:

    Day 1
    Chest a.m.
    Bi's p.m.

    Day 2
    Quads a.m.
    Ham/Calves p.m.

    Day 3
    Shoulders a.m.
    Triceps p.m.

    Day 4
    Back a.m.
    Calves p.m.

    Day 5

    Day 6
    begin Cycle again

    My partner and I were both "on" and had great gains. We maintained that training schedule for 12weeks and on a high calorie BB diet.
    I don't know if I would go 4 straight days without a rest now, but I didn't know any better then and the gains were good enough, so we stuck to it. I would probably design a similar split with 2 on-1 off-2 on. Good luck and train hard bro.

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