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    Question How does this sound?

    How does this sound? I do three exercises per body part,one warm up set,then three working sets per exercise.I train each body part every 5 or 6 days.Hit a plateau till I did some juice which pushed me past the plateaus.I,m pjresently on my 2nd cycle which is a heavy test cycle with 25 days of dbols.I'm 6 weeks into this cycle with 4 more to go.So far I have put on 23 pounds this cycle alone.I'm sure much of it is water.On the juice should I be doing more sets or exercises to help growth?thanks in advance for replies

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    I think that instead of looking real hard at why you plateaued and how to defeat it, you took the ez way out and had the juice get you over the hump. If you don't fix anything, you will hit a plateau as soon as you get off the juice.

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    I always train alot more intense when I am on cycle.

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    Yeah I try to bring my "A-game" everytime I go to the gym, regardless whether I'm on or off. Your focus when your there should be to fatigue the muscle and break it down so you can build it back up with the proper food and rest.

    Spending more then an hr in the gym is a waste. I personally would rather spend less time on sets and more time on buring out with say 2-3 exercises. For example, 2-3 good warmup sets and 1-2 all out "balls to the wall" set. I usually select 1 compound exercise and 2 working exercise for each bodypart. Anymore is just overkill IMO.


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