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    need abdominal help!

    I am new here, only 17 years old. I have been working out for about 3 months now. Naturally I am very lean, before I got into working out I was pushing 145 and at 6'1 you can only imagine. Im now up to nearly 170. But my problem has only been with my stomach I have very very low body fat and I cant see anything at all. I work abs about 2 times a week pretty heavily with lots of cardio but most people I know who have as little bf as me generally are much more cut. Any suggestions? thanks

    I will try to get some pics asap

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    i dont know exactly what kind of ab exercises you're going but to get the best results you need to do them with a lot of resistance, not just sit ups. Try using a decline bench with a plate on your chest or use the rope on a cable machine and crunch down on that. And i'm not sure if this will help, but try cutting down a little on the cardio.......abs are a muscle too and lots of cardio breaks down muscle....if you're at a low BF percentage already, try cutting back and see what happens.........good luck

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    I'll say a couple things...

    First, make sure you're being honest with yourself about your bodyfat levels. I don't mean this to be a flame at all, especially since I don't know you - but some people think they are extremely low, and they carry a bit around their midsection...just an idea.

    Second, it could be partially genetics. some people, in my experience, show a six pack naturally at a higher body fat. Some people, like myself, have to get to an extremely low body fat before anything becomes visible. So comparing yourself to others isn't always fair.

    And i'd agree with what 1bad said...try doing some weighted ab exercises as well - toss in some cable rope crunches or the crunches on a decline bench holding a plate on your chest.

    also, you said you do abs 2x/week...what's the routine look like?

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