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    New Workout Question! =)

    wow been awhile since I last posted, April maybe? Anyways, I fell off the wagon, I guess you can say, stopped working out completly, smoked like a pack of cigs a day, and way to much alcoholic consumption! Didn't really diet, but I started watching what I was eating ( sort of ) and am now at a nice 160lbs, actually looking lean, like it, but I am ready for more. Quit smoking, limited my drinking, and now I'm ready for the hard part, the workouts. Started going a few days ago and haven't really got a "routine", figured I'd post what I plan on doing and seeing what you guys think.

    Monday. Chest and Tri's
    Tuesday. morning Cardio
    Wednesday. Shoulders and Abs
    Thursday. morning Cardio
    Friday. Back and Bi's
    Saturday. Legs
    Sunday. morning cardio

    this is the schedule I'm setting myself up at this current time, now that I finally have it written down, I think I'll add more cardio into it, as I still have alot of fat that i need to lose, no idea on my current BF% but I'm 6 ' tall @ 160lbs.

    Thanks for any input.

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    one thing i can say is that by doing chest and tris and back and bis in the same workout you may be over working the smaller muscles because the tri's are being worked with your chest exercises and the same with back working the bi's. this ends up with more sets for the smaller muscles. also diet is the hardest part not lifting...what type of diet are you doing?

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    ya I noticed today ( back and bi's ) my tri's are still a bit worn, but doesn't seem like it will be a problem...

    As for my diet, truthfully, I haven't gotten to that part, I know that I should, but I really don't know where to start, I've obviously got lots of reading to do, any tips?

    Also, I got to the gym today and I really don't know what Back exercises to do, as I've never really worked out my back. I did the following:
    -LAT Pulldowns 3 sets of 8
    -- close and far grip
    -Seated Rows 3 sets of 8
    -misc. "hammer strength rows" 3 sets of 8 of each ( upper & lower )

    I didn't even touch my lower back, and my upper back workout is lacking, what other exercises should I add?

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