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    when to start increasing weights

    whats an acceptable progression rate..(using 5 day routine) say i do 30lb arm curls, how long before i should increase that.. or another example.. 70 lb shoulder dumbells press.. i seem to fall into a comfort zone an keep doing the same weight

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    I've always jumped up as fast as I can, if I think I can do 5 more pounds, then I load it up

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    Best advice. Go to a used sports equipment shop, buy some 2.5 lb weights. Jumping up 10 lb incriments is kinda rough. 5 lbs is nice and easy.

    The answer to the question would depend if you are juicing or not.

    If you are not juicing then I would say 5 lbs every two weeks on the bench is good. Arms are a little different.

    Put on the 2.5 weights occassionaly and see how it feels. If you arent straining and dont feel like you are damaging your muscle then good job.

    If you are juicing: Keep increasing weights. Then increase the weights again next workout.

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    whenever its easy or dont give the pump it did jump up, remember biceps grow slow as all hell, other parts will get stronger much more quickly like chest, legs, shoulders and back, arms are super hard....just do what comes natural, dont be lazy and stout u will be

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