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    Leg mass for tall people

    Just curious as to what some of the taller people use for leg routines to put on some size. I'm 6'4 around 230lbs, but my legs are my most lacking bodypart. they're not weak but i just have trouble putting on any kind of size, any suggestions?

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    Same trouble hear. I am progressing but slow and steady. My leg day currently looks like this:

    4 sets barbell squats
    4 sets leg ext.
    3 sets leg curls.
    3 sets dumbell lunges
    4 sets barbell calf raises

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    Patience. There's nothing that we can do differently, it just takes us longer to gain the size because our muscles are longer.

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    yea bro just keep working on mass im only 6 foot but my legs are long as hell oy!

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    well my workout partner is 6'3" and we do the same workout, and Im also short on top with long legs,just put some legpress in there, always helps with size,"plus time"

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    yeah i have the same problem bro, but everyone tells me the same thing---squat my ass off

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    Same boat dudes. I got the long legs that only girls should have. @#$&! I started making progress when I put in the time and the effort. Because it took me so long to see any results, I kind of started slacking in my leg intensity.
    Once I got that back with a good leg routine, I finally started seeing some results. Not that I am where I want to be. Are we ever?

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    Ummmmm, I forgot?
    I'm 6'5" and have the same problem. My legs aren't week, they're just long. I can do as much as or more weight than my 5'10"-245lb partner. Currently I do the following:

    Leg extensions - 2 warm up sets, then work up to doing the whole stack for 3 maybe a total of 5-6 sets excluding the warm up sets.

    Leg Press - again start out medium/light up to as heavy as I can go for 6-10reps (usually gives me another 5 sets)

    Squats - start with medium weight and into heavy (4-5 sets)

    Leg Curls - the stack for 3-4X10reps

    Calves - I do various sets and weights(seated calf raises, standing calf raises, work calves on press machine, calf raises one side at a time, etc).

    Also because of height (maybe just an excuse) I utilize the Smith Machine to do squats mainly, seems very awkward for me to do squats in the rack now, I don't feel right. I have a bad left knee which also sucks doing squats in the rack, tends to work for me in the Smith Mach though.

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