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Thread: Harry England

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    Harry England

    I dont know where you guys are from, but im in England, the land of red buses, tea, and no help for teenagers who want to weightrain/bodybuild. Ive just turned 17, 210 pounds, have 13% bodyfat, and am stuck. The only training info I can find is for total beginners or hard boiled pros. Ive been training for 11 months, and i eat well. i cant find a training programme suitable for me. I know I could make my own, but it would be better if someone recommended one.

    (Juicing is definately not an option, am too young).

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    make your own

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    Unless you have a personal trainer or a strength and conditioning coach(which i was lucky enough to have until a year ago), you will need to figure out the correct workouts that suit yourself the best. Any a-hole can post a routine, but unless we know a lot more about you, it would be impossible to determine a suitable workout for you. I mean I could give you arnold's workouts set by set, but that wouldnt do a **** thing for you. It wont be easy, but the more you learn, the bigger you will get its that simple...I've been lifting since I was 14-I'm 21 now, and still visit this site daily to try to learn maybe 1 new tip to help me on my next workout. Next time you go to do a bodypart, use the search on this site and find a workout, try it and other ones out, see what parts you like and over time tinker the workout to what feels best. Good luck!

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