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Thread: power factor

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    power factor

    ok i posted b4 about a book called power factor well there thoery is based on a bunch of physics equations and doin partial reps with VERY heavy weights and long recoup time, now has anyone tried this way of training b4, ppl in tha book reported gain faster than tha average 10lbs of muscle per year(naturally).

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    i had a buddy a long time ago that used a program that sounded like that, all partial mid-range movements done in as fast as possible under control, he was a bif mofo, but he also was on hgh and slin year round, i thought 10lbs a year was average for natural???

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    sounds a lot like the program used by Archuleta... safety for the St. Louis Rams

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    Do you think it would really work? i mean i know of 3 part curlz they are also called 21. This is a combination of partial and full range movements. 1 set you curl the weights upward but stop halfway 2nd set curl all the way up but on the way down stop half way and dont go all the way down. Well, you know? is that what book is all about? If yes i think this is more like an endurance exercise rather then building muscle

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