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Thread: Speed Training

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    Speed Training

    Are there any ball players here. Im trying out for safety at my college next year, and I want to get a jump on the comp by developing my speed, edurance and agility. I'm not slow now, but I could always be faster and quicker. I'm very physically active now, and can probably take a rigorous routine. So if anyone has any advice or experiences with speed training, I'm all ears.

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    My old basketball trainer told me run long distances to improve sprints. Run sprints to improve long distance running. If your trying to gain quickness on quick sprints on plays and so forth I would suggest pounding out some long distance running. Do plyos for better agility and jumping.

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    when you train with long distance running you are working a totally different muscle system, to develope speed you have to work at it, do 200 meter repeats every 2 min, for running condition. then for weighlifting do the main ones, bench press, squat, and powercleans.

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