im currently bulking, and midcourse with test cyp, and something has come up wich requires my endurance to be quite good at the end of my course. bad timing because ill probably loose a lot of my gains as a result of what i have to do but hey crap happens when your in the military
now i wanted my gains to still be quite good and i understand cardio is detrimental. i was thinking of doing about 30 minutes 6 times a week at a moderate rate with rowing, biking and jogging. just do one a day for three days then have one day off, so on.
im currently working with wieghts 2 days on, one day off.
should i instead stick with dong the cardio on these days aswel and have my rest days as REST days only?
would 5-6 days a week of 30 minutes of moderate cardio really be that detrimental?