here's how i'm going to hit the gym guys, tell me what you like and don't like, this was a routine i wrote out for another AR member, and didn't feel like typing it over:

first, i'm going to explain how to do correct reps, and how to run the 5X5 set system, as for reps, you should do them as follows, a 4 second negative with an explosive positive, a lot of people will say to do a 4 sec positive as well, but **** that, just explode from the bottom, using perfect form, of course, the sets should be like this, pick a weight you can handle for 6 reps max, for your first set, cut that weight in half and do 5 reps, the next set use the weight half way between the 6 rep weight and do 5 reps, the next three sets, do 5 reps with the original weight, so if you can bench press 300 for six reps, it would look like this:
1) 150 X 5
2) 225 X 5
3) 300 X 5
4) 300 X 5
5) 300 X 5
this scheme will be used for evey upper body exercise, lower body use the same scheme except it is 10 reps instead of 5
now, if you can complete 3 sets of 5 reps with the working weight, the next time you workout, increase the weight by five or ten, if you pick a weight and don't get at least 12 total reps for the three sets, drop the weigh the next workout, if you get at least thirteen total, then keep the weight the same until you can get 3 sets of 5 with that weight

workouts are on mon/wed/fri

start with workout A on monday, B on tuesday, C on Friday, D on Monday, etc. etc.

workout A:
flat db bench/upright row/pull ups w/ weight belt/ skull crushers

workout B:
squat/leg curl/standing calf raise/seated dumbell curl

workout C:
incline bench/side laterals/bent over row/ close grip bench

workout D:
leg press/good mornings/seated calf raise/ preacher curl

workout E:
decline bench/military press/dead lift/dips

workout F:
hack squat/stifflegged dead lift/donkey calf raise/ standing barbell curl