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Thread: need advice////

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    need advice////

    ok so i got my licence taken away for a mnth casue of my 16 points, thus making it impossible for me to go to the im having 3 weeks off the gym
    i used tow rok out 3x a week..

    i can only go on a saturday now...

    what can i do at home, wiht no dumbells, no nothing...

    i figured i can go sat and do legs and bi's

    and home i can do varies forms of pushups n dips...?

    should i do pushups n di[ps every day...or do it like very otehr day to let muscles rest? thank you for teh input! im workin on gettin more mass btw...thank u!

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    Yes, every other day is better then every day... Looks like your going to go old school for a few weeks/months.. haha it sucks I got my license taken away also, for dragracing....longest 30days of my life..

    Also is there a school or a park you can go to you can do chinups or something there... but stick with the push ups, sit ups, dips, see if you can get a buddy or your parents to take you and buy a 100lbs weight set, its not that bad it will hold you over, by until you get back...

    sorry to hear that bro

    good luck

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    why don't you take this as an opportunity to rest your body from your normal routine and do some olympic lifting on saturday? if you do it right, you'll probably need all week to recover anyway

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