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    My Workout+Set Amounts

    I'm trying to build up my legs because they are very lacking but I'm not sure how many sets to do for the entire thigh. Right now I'm doing:

    Squat 5 sets
    Extensions 4 sets
    Leg curls 4 sets
    Leg press or Hack squat 4 sets

    Do I have the right amount of sets here for such a large muscle group? It seems backwards that I do the same amount of sets for thighs that I do for chest(15-18 sets) and I'm only doing 13 sets for the whole front of my thigh. If this isn't right, could you reccomend some other exercises that I could add in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan26
    1st, I hope your warming up before you go with squats..
    Here's how I go:
    2 w-ups squats
    6sets 3 up 3down
    Leg press, 6 sets
    hacks deep deep deep! for 3
    Leg extensions (note* I mostly start off to warm up the joints but depending on time) 5 sets or more
    Romanian Deads 5 sets
    leg curls 6 sets

    Also, I also like to do squats as a last excersize for quads and right before I go to hams. This way your quads are loaded up and your hams should be loose too, then do your Romanians (aka stiff legged deads).

    As far as weight goes for squats I'll go like this:
    135-20/185-20/225-15/285-12/315-10 then back down to 185 for as many as I can.
    135-20/185-20 225-10/315-10/385 or 405-8-10/315-as manyas poss/225-as many/135-max out reps

    That's what I do... Everyone does it differently, and what works for you probably doesn't work me especially since your 6'3 and I'm 5-10. Biggest thing is deep strict sets! Make sure you feel everyone!
    That's my .02 good luck!


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    try this..
    5set leg extentions reps: 12-15
    3set squats first 12-15 (warm up)
    3set squats secondly pass 5-6
    3set leg press 8-10
    2set leg extentions 4-6

    works great for me

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    LM1332 Guest
    just blast em to submission do atleast 4 sets of warm up on like leg extensions and move on to squats and hacks

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    LM1332 Guest
    oh and perhaps leg press just to finish em off but dont do it all the time you should take your legs to failure atleast once a month and keep em worked hard every day

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    Keep it simple.

    Do squats and either hacks or leg presses.

    4 sets each at full intensity.

    Intensity being key, not the amount of sets!

    8 sets and your legs should be fried.


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    I agree that intensity is the greatest key to a leg workout. I used to feel that I had to do 20 sets + for legs to get a good workout. Now I know that it is mostly mental.
    Most people's drive and mental stamina give out before their legs are ACTUALLY done. Keep pushing and they will grow.

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    Looks to be way over the top volume. More doesn't mean better.

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    I switch my workouts alot but never go more than 3 exercises with 3 sets. But as said before everyone has what works for them.

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