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    Having trouble growing!

    I have tried everything you can think of, but my chest doesnt grow as fast as the rest of my body. In fact it doesnt want to grow at all. What the **** is the deal here. Any ideas? I work my chest on Monday and this is my basic schedule although I do mix it up a bit.
    incline press
    flat bench press
    incline dumbell press
    machine fly

    Any ideas?

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    Well I would only concentrate on incline, flat benches either barbell or flat. Also parallel bar dips are awesome. Keep the rep range about 8-10 and last set drop to 6. Alot of people dont realize it's quality not quantity. It is easy for ego to take over on chest day. I have big tris and delts beacuse of years of not training my chest the right way. Proper form is a must.

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    I would try this out ...

    Incline DB flys superseted with Incline DB press xxx then 1x6 .Rest 90 sec xx Then Hammer press 1x6-8 rest 60 Sec x Then weighted dips 1xtotal failure .. Go way slow on your negs like 3-4sec your sets should take awhile to complete. (x)=warm up set's

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    great mass builiding excercis is flys do that

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    yea i got the same prob...i feel ya **** chest is makin progress but not like it should...and i hit chest day like an animal...and i also have a lil problem--one side is a lil more developed than the other...all i keep hearing is proper form...thats the best advice i can give ya...

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