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    shoulder joint problem?

    ive been lifting for about 2 years and ive never had any problem with lifting free weights they were always the meat n potatoes or my workout routines. But a few months ago I heard a pop in my shoulder when stretching my chest between sets and since then there has been more and more pain weekly in my shoulder when I do shoulder pressing movements and bench presses. I want this to heal up before I start going for mass again any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flex101
    any suggestions?
    rest it up until it doesn't hurt again

    if it's bothering you to the point where you can't life, i wouldn't do any upper body stuff and let it heal up. could be a rotator cuff problem, could be a labrum problem. who knows.

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    Also stay away from "behind the head" lifts... they are murder on the shoulder joint.


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    I had a similar "pop" back in high school. I tried going easy for a while. Then I tried a week off. Finally I had to stop lifting for two months. Worst two months, man. But my shoulder felt better.
    I also had to pretty much start out by going extremely light and being extra cautious of any pain.

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    I have had shoulder problem's myself. Even surgery. If your are able to lift, I would stick to hammer strenth machines and smith machines movements for smooth motion on your shoulder. If your able to incorporat dumbbells fora full range of motion.

    Over the past 3 years I had to experiment with what movements gave me the best results to compensate for movements I couldn't do.

    The key is to listen to your body. If you need to take a week off or so. Let it heel, if you keep ripping at your will make it worse. It happened to me.

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    I have the same problem bro. I heard my pop during football. Gave it a while, it healed, came back to early, and popped again. Since then it hasn't mattered how much time I gave it, it keeps hurting. I just have to work through the pain. You could be getting tendonitis, or it could be a rotator cuff problem like Key said. Either way, give it some time. It's worth the time not lifting, to get yourself better.

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