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    Is there something wrong with my form??

    Heres my problem, its with my arms. I do decent amounts of weight only lots of times I feel that when I bring my arms all the way up, I feel tension under my elbows. It feels like they are doing most of the work because my arms are sore for 1-2 days tops, while other bodyparts I do are sore for 3 days easily and I feel a great pump and workout with them. Could I be bringing my arms up to high and taking the stress off the bi's? Heres my workout:
    incline dumbbell 3x12,10,8
    preacher cable curl 3x12,10,8
    hammer curls 3x12,10,8

    Let me know if it sounds like I may just be bringing my arms too high or not. Also, any suggestions on arm workouts that really targets the bi's would be appreciated if you think the exercises I am doing are not good enough.

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    Try not bringing your arms up so far?... I can't relate to a tension under my elbows even when i used sh!tty form.. Try different exercises. Concentration curls are really good for targeting the bicep head, Those other exercises you listed are really good.. I can't put an answer to this one, change your form and see if you feel better..

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    Try adjusting the angle at which your bringing up the weight, slightly altering your angles, even by 10% can drastically change your whole workout.

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    Carpal tunnel syndrome. What do you do for work.

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    try doing your movements only as far up as your arm going parallel to the floor, make sure you lock out your triceps on the way down aswell, its only a 90 degree range of movement, but i began doing this a month ago, i've gained over an inch on my biceps, and use lighter weight, biceps dont need heavy weight, its only a very small muscle.

    Give it a try for a few weeks.

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