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    cutting question

    Hi, ive been doing hard training for a while now, with 4 sets on each muscle with about 6 reps with heavy weights. im now about to start cutting, and im wondering if this kind of training would be ok for cutting :
    30 minutes of running with a high tempo, after that training 1 muscle group each time with 2 sets and 12 reps light weights. (2 sets because i want to cut some time basically)
    any other sugesstions ?
    im gonna train 5 days a week btw.
    thx for answers

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    I would do circuit style training before I did running before a workout. You will save more muscle that way. Keep your rest periods short (30-60s depending on size of muscle) and train in reps of 10. Keep it moving.

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    I think that running would wear you down so much prior to lifting that your training would suffer. If you can do some light cardio in the morning before eating anything that would really help burning some bf. By exhausting yourself (even somewhat) befreo lifting your lean muscle will suffer and your body as a whole will slow down in its natural fat burning process 24/7. If you want to up the cardio, do it after lifting and while you lift don't take time to let your heartrate go down to much. Good luck

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