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    routine question

    would this be a good routine?
    Monday- Chest Sholders Tris Abs
    Tuesday - Legs
    Wednesday - REST with some Cardio
    Thursday - Back Bis Abs
    Friday - Rest with some cardio
    Saturday - Legs need more work for football
    Sunday - REST with some Cardio

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    Might work out for you, wouldn't at all for me. One thing's for sure: your triceps are going to be fried by the end of your monday workouts... And why do you throw in all the cardio? Seems to me you play football, so why would you ever bother sitting on a stationary bike or so?

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    There is nothing wrong with doing cardio but at the same time I do hear what Roidfever has to say. You don't have a complete rest day in there at all. You definitly need to have 1 full day off for recuperation.

    As for the actually training split there is no way you are gonna be able to give your tris 110% on Monday I would split up your shoulders from that mix and put it into the second leg day.

    I don't feel that the second leg day is necessary if you are pushing hard enough your first leg day you should be just ready to go when it comes around again. Remember more isn't necessarily better.

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