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    High-Low really works?

    Yesterday I was at the gym when I saw a gentleman who weighed 180lbs at 15% bf and was 5'11 was bench 260lbs for 10 reps easily. I asked him what his training routine was and how his diet was so I can follow it. He said he does alot of sets, 3 to 5 with a full 10 reps, and 7 to 5 with a max of 3 reps. He said that if I did that for a month that my strength would increase gradually (by 5lbs per month or something). He told me he just eats whatever and doesn't really care about his diet. I was wondering if this is actually true or if he's just spewing out alot of nonsense? He didn't seem like he was hitting up any gear, but I wouldn't be suprised if he did.

    Does anyone know what his type of training is called and have some studies that show why such a routine would promote a faster rate of growth? I've only been lifting for 2 years and I'm natural. I've put a large emphasis on my diet for the past 3 months, but it doesn't seem to be doing me much good.

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    Don't believe everything you hear. Part of the tough part of lifting is knowing how to sort the good from the bad info, this can even be more confusing if you're talking to someone like the guy u mentioned seems to have success. Would you really take advice from Arnold? Hell No.

    I bet if you asked that guy why he set up the program that way, he wouldn't have a clue.

    Honestly, if I was really going to take advice from someone, I usually look for a very valid well thought reasoning and I usually look at the person. It doesn't necessarily matter if they are the biggest guy in the gym, but you want to look for the guys that keep improving and improving year to year. Ask that guy how much his lifts have improved over the last year.
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