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    Question bench squat deadlift

    i am looking to compete in some powerlifting meets this winter/spring and am looking for a good workout for truly building strength in the core lifts. i have read about doing 10 sets of 2 as fast as possible once a week with squats and bencg and then a more traditional workout for the second bench and squat a week. is it alright to be working chest and legs twice a week? any suggestions for a program for strength? diet is good but i don't want to bump up weight classes.

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    IF you are looking for strenth then i would go low rep...

    AND workout post is better for your answer....

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    I don't understand the logic of going through sets as fast as possible for powerlifting. It makes more sense to fully recover between sets to lift at your max each set. You follow? It is good now and then to change it up but I wouldn't do it that way for fast strength. Go low rep and focus on the major powerlifting movements. Do some power cleans and the like to build overall strength and stability as well. That's my advice. Oh, and make the barbell your best friend.

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    For strength go for low reps

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