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    football routine

    our coach is giving us a routine for our upcomming pre-season training. I have not gotten a look at it yet but i assume it is gonna be a very football specific routine including cleans and snatch squats etc. I want to obviously get stronger for next season but my main goal is size. I am 6"3 222 and about 11%BF. I need some suggestions on how to maybe tweak a sports specific workout into a more size gaining program. I am also planning on do a prop/ tren cycle in a month and wante dto take full advantage.

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    Do a search bro, there's tonne's of workout programs on here. Especially for Football.

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    Heavy as fuk.. stick to the core exercises:

    Flat Bench
    Military Press/Cleans

    Keep it heavy, thats where the strength will come from

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    I'm working with a local HS kid and we are doing a basic WSB routine with some slight modifications. It is working really well so far, hell he is the strongest guy on the team now and the offensive line can't stop him in full pad practice lol.

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    I was in your shoes bro. When you hit it, hit it heavy. I did football and powerlifting. If your school offers powerlifting, I would definately hit it up. Try your best to eat clean, I know its hard because your body is craving lots of fats and carbs during the season. The important thing is not to forget your lifting during the season. Most of us tend to get tired and lazy after practice and forget the weight room. Hit it up b4 or after school, and get your workouts done during the season. My squat max was 545, and I took seasons off from lifting. I can only imagine what it would have been had I stuck with it year round.

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    I would say squats, deads(i prefer the trap bar for football players), bench press(For bench I would do a motified WSB bench press routine using only full range of motion exercises like closegrip bench, closegrip incline, closegrip decline, dumbell incline, dumbell flat, etc etc), hang cleans and snatches(i prefer kettlebells over barbell for these two because of lower risk of injury due to lighter weights as well as the ballistic shock from the KB's flipping over and hitting you and the high reps for cardiovascular stimulation). In addition to that I would hit some jump shrugs, extra hamstring work, rotator cuff work, some sort of row, LOTS OF AB WORK!!! and bodyweight exercises such as pushups, pullups, dips...

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