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    fat deposit not gyno

    hey guys im not sure where i should put this thread, but i have fat deposit by my nipple i know it isnt gyno cuz well gyno hurts and its hard and mine is jus fat, how tha hell do i get rid of it like what exercises (its seems like tha hardest place for me to lose fat) b4 when id take a lil time off from workin out id have lil bit of fat deposit there but decline took care of tha but now it seems like its too much for jus decline bench.... im prolly goin to start a test cycle should i jus wait til that over with then worry bout losin tha tit fat? thanks

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    The best advice is cardio, try to lower your BF%.. Us males usually hold most of the fat in our torsos, All and all it will disappear when your bodyfat is lowered..

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    I'd say to see the doctor and make sure that it's not the beginning stages of gyno. It could also be infected lymph nodes. Get it looked at before you use anything that may make it worse (regardless of what it actually is).

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    ye ask a doctor cuz it could be gyno(it is supposed to be a tender tissue not hard). and if its not gyno then Id say do your mass cycle and then do a lil cutting cycle to get rid of it.

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