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    circuit style training help..

    Hi, some days ago i asked a question about cutting, and i got an suggestion that i would do circuit style training... i asked the person that suggested this to me what the **** circuit training was, but he didnt answer.. so im asking everyone out there, could you please explain circuit training to me, and give me an example of how to do it ?
    thx alot!!

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    well, if you took that tone "what the **** is circuit training" - i wouldn't answer you either.

    but it's basically moving around machine to machine, with a breif or no rest period in between each exercise. yet there is rest between each circuit. you can plan your own workout - do only upper body, only lower body, or total body.

    i used circuit training after i have been out of the gym for 3 or more months before i get back into my normal routine.

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    dont waste time circuit training......... it has been shown that you are more likely to keep and or build more mass if you continue volume training

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