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    low intensity /Low impact cardio???? please some body help

    I currently see threads where people say they do low intensity or low impact cardio. I was wondering just what that is and how it differs from just regular cardio and what are the benifits of low impact cardio. Does it help burn fat better or is it used to keep strenght??So please give some feedback thanks.
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    When you do low instence cardio you burn fat and keep muscle. Going to high will stop burning fat and use muscle for energy...

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    As I understand it low impact is things that aren't gonna put a lot of stress on the joints. Elliptical, x-country skiing, etc. Low intensity is just cardio at a lower setting (either less resistance, speed, or both). I disagree that high intensity cardio burns only muscle. I think that high intensity cardio for short durations (less than 20 min) can be very useful. Mark

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    hitting the stair stepper on a low level for about 20 min or less works pretty good for me.

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