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    Increase Leg Strength

    Is there any way I can increase my leg strength. I only work out on squat with about 150 pounds. I do squat to the floor though. The most I've ever been able to work out with was about 225 but that was when I was on a cycle. My legs have always been kind of weak even though on leg day I'm totally spent when I leave the gym. I do about 20 sets.
    5 sets of leg curls
    15 sets divided up three ways between 3 of these 5 exercises: squat, leg press, hack squat, leg extensions, squat machine (not smith machine)
    Any ideas? I'm thinking about doing high reps next week to see how that feels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan26
    I'm thinking about doing high reps next week to see how that feels.
    Sounds good. One of the best things a beginner can do is mix it up and see what works best for them by trial and error. There isn't a specific blueprint routine that works for everyone. Just remember to always try and push yourself to that next level no matter what you are doing.

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    2 things that worked for me:
    Use an explosive movement when squatting.
    Do a triple or a double at a very heavy weight as your last set or 2.

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    hands down, 20 rep squat routine, nothing else works like it

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