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    Calf Foot Position

    When doing standing calf raises with both feet, which way should you point your toes to work the inner or outer part of the calf?
    Toes pointed away from one another works the outer section of the calf, and toes pointed inward works the inner side?

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    Toes pointed in works outer calves, pointed outer works inner. Best thing to do (and this applies to any body part exercise) is try the different positions for yourself and feel whats going on with your body. Think about the movement and what its doing for you rather than just go through the reps.

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    Also, position your feet close together to hit the outside of the calves. Alternatively, position your feet further apart to hit the inside.

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    Try 21's for calves, 7 reps toes in, 7 reps toes straight, 7 reps toes will fry your calves big time.

    Also do standing and seated styles for complete calf development.

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    I usually just use a straight forward regular foot position so I get the best stretch possible.

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    LM1332 Guest
    btw when you do those calve raises make sure your knees are a little bend

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