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    Bulking workout, please flame it.

    hey bro's
    in the last 2 months my growth has slowed so ive decided to shake up my routine. previously it was a 4 day split as follows
    day1 chest, bi's
    day2 legs
    day3 rest
    day4 back tris
    day5 shoulders calfs.
    day 6 rest

    i think now ill go something like this

    day 1 Chest
    Flat bech 10reps, 8 reps, 6reps 4 reps (increase wieght each set)
    Incline Bench
    decline bench
    flat flies
    wieghted dips

    day 2 Back
    Lat Pull down
    Bentover barbell row
    seated cable rows

    Day 3 rest

    Day 4 Arms
    Barbell preacher curls
    incline dumbell curls
    standing barbell to chin
    Tri Pushdowns
    Overhead curls
    close grip bench

    day 5 Legs
    quad extensions
    leg press
    ham curls
    stiff leg dead lifts
    seated calf raise
    standing calf raise

    day 6 rest
    day 7 rest

    please let me know what you think and suggest anything. cheers!

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    I think at your size you need a much more abbreviated routine than this - looks like you are doing way too many movements IMHO. Stick to heavy compound basics and get off your one-body-part-per-day routine - stop reading FLEX magazine. For now - stick to progressive heavy free weights, get a log book and try to increase either the load, reps or total workout time every workout. Be sure your rest and diet is up to par - they can easilt hinder progress. And tell your dolphins Warrior says they look yummy

    Alternatively I really like this routine by coach poliquin to add some size and strength for new bodybuilders: German Volume Training. Did it in my first few years - and not only loved the results but the theory behind it.

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    im not on a one body part per day routine. i am and have been on a 4 day split for the last six months. with sets starting from heaviest and lowering as i weaken (advice i got from ar). i had good results with that to start with and i put on about 6-7kg's but now in the last 2 months i havent had any gains. i have been increasing food aswell. so i just thought id try something different and see what happens. previously it was just barbells and compound movements such as bench, press's, squats, deads, curls etc. but gains have slowed dramatically. i know im eating and i rest so i was hoping for a little help with experimenting with the workout.
    oh yeah i forgot to add shoulders into that in my post.

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    When gains halt the first step to take is to completely alter loading parameters. Cut your volume in half, perhaps start with heavier weights (ie: 4-6RM), and play with your tempo. I also like the idea of GVT stated above, the program is a great design to get you out of a rut and the strength gains when tapering off volume are pretty extreme from my experience. It also teaches you to really get in tune with your tempo and rest intervals, the lactic acid is also a nice lesson in pain management . The program you posted above looks like its a bit overkill, some of those movements you really don't need (ie: decline presses, two forms of rows per workout, excessive isolation movements). Design your workout around the big 3 lifts and keep the bulk of your volume with them, I've found my best results with keeping isolation work to a bare minimum. Good luck.

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