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Thread: lower back

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    lower back

    anyone have extreme .lower back pain when running....i get on the tread and my lower bgack is aching after 2-3 mins....anyone ever dealt w/ this???

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    yeah, the treadmill kills my lower back, i prefer to run outside, but it's too **** cold now, i'll hit the stairmaster instead of the treadmill, when i do use the tread, i'll walk fast on an incline

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    Yep. Same problems here, and to top it off I get hellacious calf pumps just from walking for 5-10 minutes.

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    use a stationary bike has always worked better for me on burning fat.

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    I had the same problem until I bought the z-coil shoes.I like to run through the neighborhood but my lower back started to really kill me as I got into better shape.The only problem with those shoes is that they target the calves and it takes awhile to get used to them.

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    Everything hurts when I run, my body is def not built to run, my knees, lower back, calves and ankles gert destroyed and i get brute shin splints, I never run, i stick to the bike or rowing.

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