I've been doing some research on hypertrophy specific training, and to be honest it goes against everything I've become accustumed to over the years. I have become such a powerlifting junkie that my weights rarely see over 5RM and you won't catch me doing more than a set of bicep curls EVER. Also, I've been doing one bodypart per week for about 7 straight years.

Anyway, I'm just curious the results you guys achieved on this? I think I'm gonna skip the 12rep weeks and go straight to 2 weeks of 10 reps, followed by 2 weeks of 5 reps, and eventually (very excited for) 2 reps of strictly negative/eccentric training. Where did you guys see the most dramatic results?

I'm still an avid STRENGTH TRAINER at heart, I'm just itching for something totally out of character for me.