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    Arrow thinking of making a change- critique plz

    i am planning on trying the listed below split-becasue; i am getting lazy in the gym, i want to cut back the amount of time iam lifting to 45min. max, and i want to focus on one muscle group at a time. with that being said take a look at below:

    day 1- chest
    day 2- back
    day 3- legs
    day 4- shoulders (including traps)
    day 5- bi's and tri's

    cardio 3x per wk 30-45 min

    lifts are mostly power movements. i.e bench, squat, deads, heavy bar curl- you get the idea..

    looking for some input.. my goal is to keep my workouts intense and short. mostly concerned with strength and putting more weight on..

    thanks in adv.
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    sorry- split is 5 on 2 off..

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    Here's an idea if you're going strictly for power (let your nevrous system rest a little more) - basic idea is first do sets that'll target the selected muscle then with little to no rest use the next exercise to recruit the fresh secondary muscles to help.

    I know to some that I'm still not focused on pure power (i.e. advocating more rest between sets..but then again I'm a BB who values some occasionaly powerlifting).

    Day 1:
    Chest: Flyes compounded with flat/incline bench (super heavy on flyes, which means you should only have enough strenght for 3 or reps on bench)

    Back: Straight arm pullovers compounded with weighted pullups/pulldowns with palms facing you (get a great bi workout also since the arms are placed in the strongest postion)

    Finish with heavy deadlifts

    You figure out reps & sets - if you feel good after more than a couple of times through you've wussed out - need more weight/intensity

    Day 4:
    Legs: Max out on leg extensions them without rest go for heavy squats (really max out like a bastar!!)

    High rep calf work (15 - 20 reps - failure)

    Abs - weighted with cramping & crying

    Day 8:
    Shoulders: Max out on heavy side laterals then bent over laterals then DB presses (fronts will get enough work with max benching in day 1)

    Arms: Pull downs (yes same as the back one but focus on biceps rather than lats) then rush to tri pressdowns with hard lockout at the bottom

    Finish with weighted dips just cuz you hate yourself

    Day 11:
    Repeat legs

    Day 15: Again with chest and start cycle all over again

    I found this worked really well to give a "rest" from a 5-day split. Within 1 month from doing a typical 5 day split to the above for 1 month (2 complete cycles) my 1RM on bench 1 month later turned to a 4RM at the same I mix it up regularly.

    This might look familiar to some it's basically Mentzer's but I'm not sure I agree with his 1 set per exercise ideas, but the extra rest did help for a while...guess I was might not be the case with you...

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