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    1 Or 2 Body Parts

    Whats Your Input On Training 2 Body Parts A Day Twice A Week....i Feel As If Im More Pumped Up All Week As If I Only Do 1 Body Part Once A Week Once A Day

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    IMO there's just not enough recovery time when working out with the type of schedule you mentioned. That's not to say that it won't work for some people, becasue it will. All of our bodies respond differently to a certain type of stimuli. If that method works better for you than 1 body part once a week, stick with it.

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    coleman is also on gear dont forget that. For people who workout naturaly id say stick to one muscle once a week. I did a routine that a competitive bb does and well lets just say i wasted alot of my time. I gain strength but no real gain. Once i switched off to a 3 day routine everything started to grow.

    my routine

    Tues Arms/shoulders

    Thur Legs including Calves

    Sat Chest/Back

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    Honestly.. I don't think Coleman trains every bodypart twice a week.. BS.. that's what he says to confuse you.. He wouldn't give you his real workout even if you pull a gun on him !
    If he trains every bodypart twice a week.. he trains them very very light !
    No way he goes for 10 sets of biceps twice a week..
    I heard once that when Cuttler was bulking he traind 3 times every week.. sometimes only 2 ! So belive what every you want to belive...

    I think you have to try whats best for you !

    Good Luck bro !

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