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    Shoulder pops during Lateral Raises

    Should I worry about this? It doesn't hurt, and I am making lots of progress since I started doign lateral raises again, but my right shoulder keeps popping...just curious, as it has never done it before.

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    I have a similar problem but it isnt my shoulder popping it is my neck and while it doesnt hurt it is very uncomfortable. Any one who has info please post.

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    i have no response as to why, but i feel ya bros, my right shoulder pops on every rep......duznt hurt, just kind of weird and annoying

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    mine is my left shoulder, also my hip or something pops when i do bycle situps, its really loud and it feels like theres a huge bone in there completely shifting in and out of place...its weird

    to me it seems like after doing it for a long time it will wear something out and cause an injury so im sort of afraid to do those exercises that make pops

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    From what I've heard a pop without pain is okay -only if you have pain should you be worried.

    Are you keeping the movement slow and even? Also make sure you're not slouching forward at all when doing lateral raises -keep your chest out.

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    mine does the same.. i usually will keep stretching and move my arms in a military press motion untill the popping is gone then continue lifting

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    It's most likely Crepitus, do a search on it, I have the same thing.

    I try to avoid exercises that will trigger it.

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