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    I need af ew pointers on Dual-Factor Training

    I read the layout. But how does it work exactly? Is it 3 weeks of exerxises dne just short of failure one half the week and 3 sets to failure the second half or how does it work. I really want to try this program, so if you can help me out, please do.

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    First off, just wanted to thank you guys for looking into DFHT, and thank the many of you who have tried it out.

    I wanted to let you all know that a CORE online magazine has published my article on Dual Factor Training and have asked it to be a continuing series. I think that the article will help clarify some things about DFHT that were maybe a little hard to understand the first time around.

    CORE can be seen through on their home page here:

    Here are the direct links to the mag...

    CORE Magazine

    Here's a link the version of the mag... CORE

    I am really excited about the DFT series and hope to go into great detail so that everyone can understand the importance of Dual Factor Training Theory, and how they might be able to use it to meet your goals; be it hypertrophy or strength.

    If you have questions about the article, I won’t have time to come back to every board and answer them. You can either email me or go to TotalElite and ask the questions there. I will be there every day, and will address many of the questions I get in future articles.

    Now, let me setup the changes to this version of DFHT with what you’ve seen in the past…

    Over the last couple years I have had lots of guys try out DFHT and make really good progress. However, it wasn't a perfect system (nothing ever is), and most of it's problems lied in two distinct areas:

    1) There was too much daily volume.


    2) It was too rigid and too complex, making it hard to follow and too easy to bastardize.

    So I've done some work and come up with something very similar but what I believe to be a better version; with more options (less rigid) and manageable volume. (“Manageable” might not be the right word here as I know some of you guys go nuts with volume - but I believe this to be a more optimal volume for the average guy looking to put on quality muscle.

    Now I will say that much of this updated version has roots in strength training, but I've also found that there is a real need for strength development among bodybuilders.

    HOWEVER, this program is made for guys whose first goal is to put on mass and who's second goal is to get strong.

    I will present another, slightly different program in the near future days for those whose primary goal is strength, with size being a secondary goal.

    Hope you guys enjoy it!

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