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    targeting weaknesses

    the newest flex has a nice article about bringing lagging bodyparts up the others. here is a little chart about to help some weaknesses. hopefully this is helpful to some:

    NEED --------- EXERCISES
    shoulder width --------------- side laterals
    upper lats -------------- chins/pulldowns
    back thickness ------------ bent rows/machine rows
    lower lats -------- low cable rows/one arm rows
    upper chest -------------- incline bench/flyes
    lower chest ------------- decline bench/flyes
    inner chest ------ cable crossovers/pec dec flyes
    outer chest ------------- wide grip bench/dips
    lower biceps -------------- preacher curls
    biceps peak --- concent. curls/one arm cable curls
    lower triceps ---------------- kickbacks/dips
    upper forearms -------- reverse curls/hammer curls
    outer thighs --- hacksquat/leg presses (toes out)
    inner thighs --------- adduction/wide stance squat/press
    upper thighs --------------- squats/press/lunges
    lower thighs -------- hack squats/leg extensions
    outer calves -- calf raises-heels togther/toes out
    inner calves -- calf raises-heels together/toes in

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    Thanks dane...... I gotta try some of the chest exercises, especially for the upper chest.

    You da man.....................

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    Normally the main reasone a body part dose not respond ....Is over training................GIVE IT A REST................and it will grow

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    That's a great list, especially for those who have difficulty identifying what muscles an exercise hits!

    I agree with Bexsome (Ronnie looks absolutely f'in incredible in your avatar BTW - Jaysus!!!)... a mate of mine has recently demonstrated this to me very clearly:

    He used to train with me 3 - 4 times a week and as he's half asian and natural he was finding it difficult to grow. But now he's only training once or twice a week from work commitments he's actually growing. It's unbelievable but he's getting stronger every workout, even though he's not eating as well as before! Mental!


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