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    Abs, Shoulders and More!

    Hey guys,

    Gonna be starting my second cycle this coming week and wanted to square away a few workout things before I start:

    1) Abs-I get differing opinions on how oftern you should do abs. Some tell me everyday is fine, others say 3 times a week.???

    2.) Shoulder problems. I have been having some shoulder pain/weakness ever since my last cycle ended. Its weird, like for example when I am on a hammer stregth incline machine, my right shoulder can easily by itself handle the weight with any strain, but my left shoulder has no strenght and a dull pain to it. I am going to work through it and see what happens...or not?

    3) Was reading Doggcrapp workout routine. That articel is SOOOO **** confusing. The most I could get out of it was to record all of my weight and add a small amount every time I workout. Also to do only one exercise per body part every couple of days (of whenever recoverd). I could use some help on understanding the principles of this program.



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    3 times a week is even too much for abs imho. i treat them like my larger muscle groups, once a week, twice tops, hard and heavy around 14-18 sets.

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    1. personally i hit em everyday or everyother day
    2. where exactly is the pain on ur shoulder??
    3.i tried it awhile back, i cant remember exactly how it is..but i'll have a look later and i'll get back to you, unless sum1 else explains before me
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    Abs are an individual thing. Some people don't need to hit abs at all, and some people need all the help they can get. You have to really figure that one out on your own.

    The shoulder can be anything. You should probably get an x-ray done just to make sure you're not aggrivating anything.

    Can't help you with the Doggcrapp.

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    once a week here

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    i am going to go ahead and address the first two of your inquiries. Let's start off with the abs. Yes, it is a personal thing, however, my associates and friends included that work out with me, have had success with doing abs every other day. It's also not about quantity, it's about quality. make sure you get some good contractions on your abs and hit the various angles.

    2. About your shoulder problem, i can probably go on a limb and say that 1 of 2 or both things are happening. First off, you may be using more weight than you can handle. Secondly, your form is probably VERY poor. For example, i have corrected many on their form. One of the most common mistakes when people do seated military presses is that they arch their back and do not rest it on the pad. Make sure that your ass and your back come in contact with the pads, and do the presses in a straight up and down ROM. People have always screwed their shoulders up simply by using both improper form and too heavy of a weight. Be careful with the shoulder, cuz if that goes, you can kiss your upperbody workouts goodbye for a good while. I would recommend you taking some glucosamine and grape seed extract while you are trying to rehabilitate that shoulder of yours.

    my 2cents.

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