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    Help really need your reply's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay im trying to drop body fat. I had Body fat test done but i dont feel it was accurate. iT is was skales and i stood on them entered my height and weight and it read a % which was 18. Which i thought was high, Because i play college football and really i dont look that fat my weight was 180 and my height is 5"8. Im pretty muscular and i saw other people that was just plain fat have lower %. I thought maybe this test did not take in BMI. But anways i wanna drop body fat , but i dont wanna lose to much strenght because i get test in certain lifts-squatt,bench, h.clean. so heres what i planned to do was M-W-f low impact 40 min cardio and T-TH do 20 min high ipmact cardio. Also ill be doing low carb diet . Days - 1-12 will be limeted to 30 carbs a day then days 13, 14 will be a carb load. From then Sun. through Thurs. will be 30 carbs and a day and fri sat will be carb load. I wanna do this for about 3-4 weeks. So my question 2 you will this hurt my strenght a great deal. Im not worried if its just a little. also do you think i can burn a good deal of fat off on this program. Please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wish I could help but losing body fat was never an issue I researched.
    Im responding even though I have no answer because people seem to get frustrated when people dont reply even when they have no answer.

    Buy some CYTOMAX. It will help keep your body from eating away at the muscle if you do a lot of cardio and are worried about losing muscle.

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    I would carb up every 7 days and maybe get closer to 50 mon.-sat. and 300on sun.

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    If you're playing college football I don't think cutting carbs to 30g's is wise at all...especially if you're have 2 to 3 hour practices like we did. You're gonna need them bro. My advice for you would be not to worry so much about carbs, as you should be about eating CLEAN carbs. Wheat bread, sweet potatoes, green beans. Get your carbs from wholesome food, rather than white bread and such.

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    The scale they use to calculate your BF is pretty new. Like you said, you have to enter your height, it weighs you and then it sends a very small electrical pulse into your feet. It times how long it takes for the pulse to get back down and calculates your body fat based on the resistance. At least it sounds like that's what you're talking about. If it is, then what you have in your stomach will effect the result. If you can do it in the morning, on an empty stomach, then you'll get a more accurate result, but it's still only but so accurate.

    Your diet and workout looks okay, but like Rocky said, you're going to need more carbs (at least on the days you have practice). I would also incorperate some high resistance training and I would use HMB to help offest the muscle wasting.

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    increase the carbs when u have practice and prior to taking those strength tests. dont worry bout the scale there not accurate, check out URL]]Canadian Bodybuilding [/URL] board.
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    F*ck what the scale says! Bodybuilding is about creating the physique YOU want. Do not listen to the numbers! If you're comfortable with the way your body looks, dont change a thing. Otherwise, if you look in the mirror and see you are carrying a little too much body fat, cut a bit. Body fat % shouldn't really be a factor unless you are competing.

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    Fritz and Rocky are right bro! I never get on a scale anymore...unless I go to a Doctor or whatever. Most bodybuilders just LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Hey thats what we do. LOL


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