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    What to do...(bit of a long question).....

    Ok so hear is the deal. I have been traing for like 5 years now. Brought myself up to a lean 213 (down from like 227 at my peak in my last sust/dbol cycle in sept) I am traing to play football next year as a dend and i need some more size. I am also concerned with some lagging bodyparts; (my clves need like 2 inches and my upper chest needs growth). I have sampled some routines in the past few months since commin off my cycle; The 5 day spilt with a 7,6,6rep routine, the dual factor hypertrophy. and i am now into my 3rd week of DC workout. Unfortunately i have not been on any of these long enough to know if they totally work but i seldom get sore after any of these workouts and trsut me i work my ass off and lift heavy. I am gonna start up a cycle of most likely prop/fina/winny for 10weeks at the beginning of march. What i want to know is some suggestions for a killer routine that would kick my ass and get my the goals i need. It is a tough question in realize cause everyones different. I just want some opinions. I am thinkin to just f*&% it and go with the Arnold style workout of training each bodypart 3times a week (from his encyclopedia) anyway sorry for the long post....any ideas???

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    winnie is a NO makes your tendons and ligaments brittle..
    for calves...."you either got'em or you dont"
    seated calves raises are great,. try this....
    put heavy weight 5-7 reps..and then have someone push on the end of it so that you can only complete about 7 reps...then have them let off and u do 10 reps explosively....
    the chest....negatives..are good..but i always 8x3 for growth...
    the arnold workout is good........ive done it some...but i like my own routines better..
    good luck

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