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    cardio and cutting??

    jw what all of you do for cardio while cutting (exp. stairmaster, running, jogging, stupid eliptical, w/e), how intense is it and for how long, thx bros

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    45 mins first thing a.m. on empty at 65-75% of MHR.


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    I advise people to have some oatmeal about an hour before cardio, then do treadmill for about an hour (variable rate), then do some light workout with weights and only drink water for at least two hours after. I switch cardio and weights around (weights first, then cardio then another day cardio first then weights).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    45 mins first thing a.m. on empty at 65-75% of MHR.

    Same here.

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    I use the stupid elipitcal for 30 min then 10 min walking on the highest incline. I used to do it on an empty stomach but now I take a fat burner first thing, then 30 min later I eat two pieces of wheat toast and then wait another 30 min and do cardio.

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    I drink some coffee and some glutamine (not together) and then do stairmaster for 30 mins on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I am up to 152 floors (3.18 mi). twice a day.

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