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    Never did roadwork before

    This is kind of a spin off of my other thread. I have never did roadwork before. Now that I plan on getting into boxing in the next couple of months I want to start. How many miles should I run on the treadmill? Should I start with .75 mile or 1 mile? More? Less? I want to build up to 5 in the next 7 months. I have to use the treadmill until the snow stops. I plan on running tues,thurs,sun. Eventually I will do sprints but not right now.

    BTW I'm 6' 210 24 yo.
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    to begin you'd want to start off with some stretching. i'd start off w/ a mile on the tread, you can build from there. if it gets to be too much you can slow it down. the treadmill is a lot more forgiving than the road and i find pushing myself on the tread helps if i cant get outside to run, hope this helps some.

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    Dude I wouldnt just run for roadwork. There is a better way to get into awesome shape very fast. I would invest in two kettlebells or two dumbells that have a weight of 35-55lbs. Go to a 1/4 mile track and do the following. Set one KB or DB at your starting point, set the other one 200 meters away. This is what it would look like.

    Single Arm Snatch(1x10 each arm)
    Jog 200 meters
    Single Arm Clean(1x10 each arm)
    Jog 200 meters
    ***This is 1/4 a mile already, repeat as many laps as you can.

    Trust me, doing snatches and cleans like this will wind you like crazy. Mixed with jogging in between will absolutely wear you out. Plus you get the added benifits of explosiveness from the cleans/snatches. Also, your building cardio endurance with both as well as strength endurance with the snatches/cleans. I would work up to doing 2 miles this way. Once you can hit two miles using this setup I would just begin to up the reps on snatches and cleans rather than adding distance/sets. I would do this for example on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Now on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
    I would work on sprints or medium distance repeats and bodyweight exercises. Now these are just examples and very rough templates but its a good idea. For example, Tuesday work on 800 meter repeats (start out with 2 sets and work up), along with Pushups, Situps, Pullups(palms facing away from you), Bodyweight Squats. Then on Thursday work on 400 meter repeats(start with at least 4 and work up) , Pushups(with feet elevated), Chinups(palms facing you), Hanging Knee Raises, Pistols(One Legged Squats used by military/martial arts). Then on Saturday I would do 200meter sprints(start with 6 and work up), along with dips(or handstand pushups if you can do them), Semisupinated Chinups(palms facing each other), Crunches(or one of those $5 AB wheels from Walmart), Bodyweight Jump Squats. Now this is just strictly my opinion on what to do in order to get into shape fast for any fighting sport. This of course is in prep for actually begining training. Once you actually start to spar, do bag work, etc. You will want to adjust a few things as not to overtrain.

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