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    What do you people think of ULTRA-short routines like this?

    quoted from a post at the Hardgainer Forums:

    "I recently abbreviated my routine to look like this.

    Day 1

    20 rep squats
    Military Press

    Day 2


    My poundages have gone right down on military presses due to doing dips before, and my chin reps have gone down a little due to the deadlifts. Is this going to hinder my progress because of the weight reduction??"

    Note: It's NOT me that posted that. It just seems that being too obsessed about abbreviating routines are the IN thing at that forum. Hmmmm...can you really make progress with these kinds of routines, even if you're a natural? Heck, it's like 20 minutes, 2 days per week.

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    Doesn't look like you'd get anywhere doing just that. But maybe he's just looking to exercise lol


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    Who doesnt consider themselves a hard gainer? The whole 'training for the hard gainer' is a steaming pile of crap in my opinion. Someone can gain from a workout like that and think they are a hard gainer? Take your time when workin out, get to know what works the best for you, thats what its all about.

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    Easy quiter = hard gainer!

    If gaining muscle was that easy, then everybody would be in great shape, and we don't want that now do we?

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    There is no prob with training like that but I would do it a little more than twice a week.If you are short for time something is better than nothing.I favour the big compound moves as these will build muscle and you can keep to these and keep a workout very short.Find what works for you.

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