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    New Member--Workout plan

    Hello everyone!
    IM new to this forum, and I have few questions..

    Before I type my questions a little info about me.
    I'm 21 y/o
    Ive been weight lifting for about 1 and half now..
    I'm 6'0
    32 inch waist
    and im believe im at 18% bf..but thats just a guess.

    Ne ways ever since i started working out, i lost a lot weight which was really great, but now im really focusing on the whole bodybuilding thing..I finally set my self on a routine which i need ur input on....
    Here it is:

    All are 4 sets ( reps, 12 10,8,to failure)
    Monday- 30mins of light cardio in the morning
    Evening- Chest, 4 sets of bench press
    Incline dumbells flys
    Decline Bench press
    Cables-Standing flys

    Evening- Back 4 sets of Lat pull downs
    Seated rows
    Dumbell pulls

    Wednesday- 30 mins of cardio in the morning
    Evening - Rest

    Evening- Shoulders 4 sets of shoulder press
    Behind neck press(smithmachine)
    Cables Front raises
    cables lateral raises

    Evening- Arms 4 sets of one arm triceps extensions
    Rope extensions
    CLose grip bench press(smithmachine)

    Barbell curls
    Preacher curls
    Reverse Curls with cables
    Hammer Curls

    Saturday- morning 30 mins of cardio
    Evening- Rest

    Evening legs 4 sets of Leg press
    leg extensions
    lying leg curls

    Thats it.. so i need ur input, am I doing anything wrong? Im I over training?? As for the cardio, I do the step master, i dont run on the treadmill.. As for my diet:
    6 Meals a day, 20-35g of protein per meal, I only consume a lot carbs in the morning, I take multivitamines 3 times a day, glutamine 10 g in the morning and 10 g at nite, 6 pills of hydroxycut every day,(before meals) and I pretty much cut all the fat, so lean meat and veg's is usually what i cansume...and if not protein shakes!

    My goals? 200lbs.. I wanna be big not too big but at the same time ripped...
    is this possible?

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    Training to failure every workout is not a good idea.. If I were you I'd try a good Dual Factor program.

    Here are a few programs you need to check out.. They require some reading..but don't let that put you off..these are good programs...

    5X5 (I posted something about this in the training forum on this board..

    DFHT (dual factor hypertrophy training)

    HST (HyperTrophy Specific Training)

    D.C's (Dog Crap Training)

    Since your new to this.. you would do well and grow nicely for atleast a couple of months by just walking around the gym putting other guys weight away..or helping rack and unrack weight...

    I've listed good programs above, but I think one that would do you great right out of the gate is 5X5.. it's simple, it doesn't take all day to do,, and I guarantee that within a few months you will be much bigger, and VERY much stronger than you are now.

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    You workout looks pretty good but Phreezer makes a good point.
    I would go with those workout programs too.

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    LM1332 Guest
    You should work out to failure only about once a month or so maybe every two weeks but not every workout instead of gaining youll be loosing and thats not good.

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    you shouldnt do upper body 4 days in a row,

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