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    How many days a week on treadmill for boxing?

    If I am getting in shape so I can return to boxing in 2 months, how many days a week should I run the treadmill? Also I am fairly new to running so what mileage should I start at? Also what pace? I was thniking of starting at 1 mile at 5 mph. And than adding .25 miles and .2 mph every two weeks. At the end of 8 months I should be up to 4 miles at 8 mph. I really have never ran before. I am 6' 212 with a gut and I'm 24. I also have only been into lifting for a couple weeks. I used to box years ago.

    Also, I have been lifting 3x a week with a rep scheme of 10,8,6,4,2 (or to failure for the last set) while increasing the weight each set. I am very sore and I feel my technique is off. Would it be better seeing I am just starting lifting again and that I am trying to lift to get ready for boxing, that I should go lighter and change my rep scheme? Maybe 15,12,10 while increasing weight each set? Also would it be wise to only lift 2x week when I start boxing again?

    Basically I need to lose my gut (I know it's diet and I just changed my diet for the better) and I need to get my lungs back and I need to get some hardness back so I can start boxing agaain.

    Can anyone help me with my questions?

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    i think you're better off jumpin rope bro. lots and lots of jumpin rope and a little running.

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