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    Size with strength?

    I was just wondering if anyone has any answers to my question. Do size and strength come one at a time or to they come fairly equal and together. I am making excellent strength gains, i just dont think my size gains are in proportion to my strength gains, in that i dont think i have gotten much bigger, even though i have gotten much stronger. my diet and form are definately in order, so that is out of the question. I do however use a relatively low volume, similar to d.c. but a couple of extra sets.

    I think their are 2 possabilities
    1-size doesnt come with strength
    2-my brain is playing mind games with the mirror, and/or the size is creepin along so slow that i just dont recognize it.

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    I read a thread about Dogcrap that goes into depth about that (size does come with strenght). Try a search, it's a really good article.

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    thats right size comes with strength you get stronger you get bigger(but must consume enough food to grow) or other wise youll just stay reallly really toned skinny basicly

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    I notice that my body goes in little spurts when it comes to size and strength. It will seem like my bench is steadily increasing while I see no gains in size. Other times, my bis or something else will seem like they are blowing up but I am using the same relative weight. Then it all switches. My workout partner noticed a similar trend. (Note that I am not talking about a 100 pound increase in bench without size nor my bicep gaining an inch without an strength gains. I am talking on a small scale.)

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    in the long run size(lean muslce tissue) dose come with strength ...... but i find they rarely go in a one to one ratio in progress...... also if ur just starting to work out or changing ur work out routine you will notice strength gains without size gains.... its ur bodies nerve pathways adapting to lifting and/lifting differently(diff exercises)

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    it does to a certain point but if size always came with stregth then powerlifting would be some of the biggest guys in the world. i know guys that are 5'8 160 and can bench more then some guys that are 6'2 220 that are into lifting. but in general strength comes from muscle fibers and if the muscle fibers are bigger and more developed then ur stregth is gonna be bigger....

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